24 Tips for Better Periscope Broadcasts


If you’re just getting started with Periscope chances are you’re a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera.

I want to encourage you to get out there and create your own broadcasts. Don’t just watch!

If you’ve been broadcasting but feel like your ‘scopes could be a little better I want to tell you that we all feel this way!

Here are some tips if you’re just getting started or if you’re a broadcast “veteran”.

24 Tips for Better Periscope Broadcasts

1. Use notes.
2. Make sure you have good lighting.
3. Use a tripod.
4. Look at the camera.
5. Hide chat if you’re easily distracted.
6. Start immediately.
7. Use an external mic.
8. Remind people to watch the replay.
9. Use a compelling title.
10. Broadcast when your audience is online.
11. Keep your welcome and introduction short.
12. Always tell people who you are.
13. Always thank viewers for watching.
14. Have one simple call-to-action at the end of your broadcast.
15. Broadcast on a schedule.
16. Use Katch for replays.
17. Make sure your battery is charged.
18. Hold a brief Q&A after you share.
19. Avoid cluttered or busy backgrounds.
20. Respond to comments when appropriate.
21. Ask viewers to follow you on Twitter and Periscope.
22. Mention your GMT offset, Periscope is international.
23. Design a simple template for posting edited replays to YouTube.
24. Recommend other ‘scopers to follow.

What other tips do you have for better broadcasts?

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