Free Comic Book Day Was a Bust

This year’s Free Comic Book Day had some great boss that I wanted. I got none of them.

I was happy to get the Odinforce comic from Death Wish Coffee. I’m a big fan of their coffee and it’s cool to see a local company publish a comic book.

I got a late start because I was out at garage sales sourcing items for eBay. I did manage to find a Walkman and a collectible key chain.

There’s was a con in town so there were hundreds more people around than normal. I didn’t manage to get to the comic shop until 3 p.m. and most of the comics were gone.

Despite that, the shop was still very crowded. There were also a few cosplayers still hanging around who I’m sure would soon head back to the con.

We stopped by the con for a few minutes and I briefly entertained going in with my kids but when I heard another family was shelling out $100 I quickly changed my mind.

Even though I didn’t get the comics I wanted it was fun to take my kids to the comic shop and see all the people in costume. Maybe next year I’ll get a better haul.

Did you go out on Free Comic Book Day? Did you get all the books you wanted?

Marvel Netflix Series Ranked

Netflix recently released the first official trailer for the upcoming Defenders TV series.

In anticipation of that release, I thought I’d rank the current MCU Netflix series.

But first, here’s the trailer for Defenders:

Marvel Netflix Series Ranked

As I made my list, I realized that 1.) there are only 4 shows to talk about here and 2.) I ranked them in the order they were released.

It feels like there are more shows to talk about because we’ve been given so much news about the upcoming Defenders and Punisher series. Continue reading “Marvel Netflix Series Ranked”

How to Hack-Proof Your eBay and Amazon FBA Accounts #2017FlipChallenge

If you’re using eBay, Amazon, or Etsy to resell items for the 2017 Flip Challenge you want to keep those account secure. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to get control of your accounts and steal your money or ruin your online reputation as a seller.

In this video I share important steps for hack-proofing your accounts.

Continue reading “How to Hack-Proof Your eBay and Amazon FBA Accounts #2017FlipChallenge”

I Already Have Writer’s Block

That didn’t take long. I already have writer’s block.

Granted, I started planning for this a little late. Actually, I didn’t plan at all. I decided to do it on a whim despite the fact that I’ll be out of town for 4 days.

So what have I done for the last 40 minutes besides stare a monitor? Not much, really.

I combed through my old blog and podcast for some ideas, researched a few items on eBay, and thought about responding to email.

During that time I’ve thought up a few topics I might want to write on and found 3 book reviews that are still sitting unfinished in my “Drafts”.

Finishing those drafts will be difficult because I read the books 2 years ago. My memory doesn’t serve me very well these days. If I don’t write a review immediately I forget about what I’ve read.

Now that I’ve reached the minimum word count I set for myself for BEDiM, I need to find an image to go with this blog post. Hopefully that doesn’t take 40 more minutes because I want to eat breakfast.

Blog Every Day in May (BEDiM)

Last month I vlogged every day (VEDA). This month I’m going to blog every day in May.

This is probably a mistake since I have a very busy schedule but I need to build my writing skills. The goal is to get quicker and better at writing.

Here are my guidelines:

  1. I’m allowing myself to miss 1 day a week. Yeah, I know, that means I won’t really be blogging every day. This is more about developing a schedule and improving my writing more than actually blogging every day.
  2. 150-words minimum per post. I know the best-practice is to write more but I need to get words on the screen. Down the road, I may combine posts if they are related.
  3. Infographics, videos, and cool pics count. However, I’m only going to let 1 per week count if there isn’t any write-up associated with the media.

So that’s the plan. If you have any ideas on what I could write about, please leave a comment below!