Meridian Orbital Platform – Part 1: Arrival

Gaelen’s approach to Jupiter was uneventful. For three days he watched the gas giant grow and eventually fill his capsule’s observation port. The swirling storms of the solar system’s fifth planet were mesmerizing and he always had trouble pulling his eyes away from the view to run diagnostics or make a course correction.

As he entered a low-planetary orbit, Gaelen glanced at his chrono. He was 2.3456 seconds out of sync. Still in nominal operating range but he preferred not to be more than 1.5 seconds out of sync. As he made the necessary adjustments, Gaelen risked a quick glance at Jupiter’s surface one last time. Continue reading “Meridian Orbital Platform – Part 1: Arrival”

You Can’t Win at Social Media

There’s a misconception among social media “experts” that’s been floating around the Internet for years. It’s the idea that there is a way to “win” at social media.

For some reason people think that if you reach some magic number of followers, likes, shares, or mentions you’ll “win”. You can’t.

Whichever platform you’re on will eventually disappear. Social media is a modern phenomenon and already dozens (if not hundreds) of platforms have come and gone.

If they haven’t disappeared yet, social networks are inundated with fake accounts and robots that are flooding the platform with useless and pointless content.

In order to escape the noise, people are moving toward private, one-on-one services that allow direct communication or groups of people that share similar interests.

Traffic generated from social networks to websites is down and social media “influence” is becoming a thing of the past. So is it time to give up on social media?

I don’t think so. I think it’s time to start using social media for its original purpose: to socialize.

We’ve taken a great tools for building friendships and transmogrified it into an advertising platform. Social networks have recognized that and it’s led to floods of “promoted content” aka advertisements.

I’m not saying to stop sharing content. On the contrary, we need to improve the quality of the content we share.

Let’s stop trying to game the system in order to attract traffic. There’s not a formula out there that will keep you ahead of all the algorithms.

Instead, let’s build relationships with one another. Then when we share an article we’ll be thinking of people who would want to read it rather than trying to build clout with people we don’t even know.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Sad Little Rover – Spirit [Comic]

Sad Little Rover
Such an amazing technological accomplishment!

About Spirit

One of two rovers launched in 2003 to explore Mars and search for signs of past life, Spirit far outlasted her planned 90-day mission. Among her myriad discoveries, Spirit found evidence that Mars was once much wetter than it is today and helped scientists better understand the Martian wind.

In May 2009, the rover became embedded in soft soil at a site called “Troy” with only five working wheels to aid in the rescue effort. After months of testing and carefully planned maneuvers, NASA ended efforts to free the rover and eventually ended the mission on May 25, 2011. [NASA]

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A Different Politic – 10 the Podcast

As Christians our politics don’t always line up with party lines. How do we have conversations with people from different political views and still remain Christ-like?  Continue reading “A Different Politic – 10 the Podcast”