Talking Doctor Strange with Matt Whitman – 10 Podcast

Today’s podcast is double-sized! This in one third of a conversation I had with Matt Whitman, the worst Christian ever. Matt hosts The Ten Minute Bible Hour a YouTube series where he talks about God, Christianity, Church History, and most of all the Bible itself.

Today we’re talking about the recent Marvel movie, Doctor Strange. Continue reading “Talking Doctor Strange with Matt Whitman – 10 Podcast”

Preparing the Way – Advent Week 2

Though many of us may not have grown up with Advent traditions in our churches and homes, it is still an important time of the year for us as Christians. Here are four reasons to celebrate Advent: Continue reading “Preparing the Way – Advent Week 2”

5 Ways to Pay Your Podcasting Bills – 10 the Podcast

So you’ve finally decided that this podcasting thing is something you want to do. It’s a hobby you can really get into but you’re wondering how you’re going to pay the bills on a yearly basis to keep your content online.

As a hobby podcaster, you may or may not have deep pockets to buy the equipment you want or pay for quality hosting online. If you think you’re going to turn this hobby of yours into a cash-cow, think again.

99% of podcasters* don’t make enough money to quit their day job. Unless you have a rich uncle that will give you some cash to blow on this hobby of yours you might want to find a way to offset the costs. Since uncle Joey won’t be funding your hobby, here are 5 ways to pay your podcasting bills. Continue reading “5 Ways to Pay Your Podcasting Bills – 10 the Podcast”

Watching, Waiting, Longing – Advent 2016 Week 1

As we enter into the Advent season, I thought I’d put together a few podcasts that reflect my thoughts and communicate the importance of the Advent tradition.

You don’t have to celebrate with candles or a wreath but Christmastime is the perfect season to reflect on Christ’s coming to the world and his eventual return. Continue reading “Watching, Waiting, Longing – Advent 2016 Week 1”