Fear and Voting – 10 the Podcast

Every four years American Christians are subject to fear-mongering by Christian leaders when it’s time to vote. This must stop.

Here in the United States there is a Presidential Election nearing. Citizens are told they have a “duty” to vote but do they really? What about Christians? Where does their citizenship lie? Continue reading “Fear and Voting – 10 the Podcast”

Christian Horror Podcast – Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou Shalt Not Kill is a 5-episode Christian horror podcast. Originally released in 2011, it was remastered in 2014 and published as a book in 2015.

October is almost over and I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to mention my Christian horror podcast, Thou Shalt Not Kill. Originally written and released in 2011, I remastered it in 2014 and released it as a book in 2015.

To make it easy to listen to here on the site, I’ve embedded each episode below. There are subscription links below if you want to subscribe and/or download the entire series (5 parts). Continue reading “Christian Horror Podcast – Thou Shalt Not Kill”

When the Church Works – 10 the Podcast

It’s easy to look at The Church in America and point out all of its flaws but when The Church works it’s a beautiful thing. In this episode of 10 the Podcast I give you an update on my lack of episodes, how I lived without water for a week, and how God provided in a time of need. Continue reading “When the Church Works – 10 the Podcast”